The American Oak

The American White Oak (Quercus alba) is by far the most common species of oak in the modern whisky industry. American casks became dominating in Scotland after the prohibition when the land owners, the owners of oak, together with the coopers union succeded to push through a law that stated american whiskey (bourbon) only to be matured on virgin oak. The result was that lots and lots av used casks were shipped over the sea to Scotland.

With Box American Oak we want to explore how the tastes of quercus alba can be accentuated by wood managemant and a demanding selection of casks.


100 % peated whisky that first have been matured on 130-litres bourbon casks for 4.5 years, then finished for 8 months in 40-litres casks made of charred virgin american oak, the staves has been air dried for 26 and 45 months. Box American Oak is neither chill-filtered nor coloured.


Malt: Pilsner malt from Castle Maltings in Belgium. Dried using Scottish peat, reaching a phenol level of 45ppm.
Process water: From the Bålsjön Lake, filtered through sand and carbon filters.

yeast: Fermentis Safwhisky M-1

Ingoing Barley types: Henley och Sebastian
Cooling Water: From the Ångerman River
Ingoing batches 115A-121A
Batch Size: 1.2 ton malt
Average Fermenting Time: 80 hours in stainless steel washbacks.
Distilled between 22th August 2011 and 1 September 2011.

First cut of the run:
30 minutes head (forshots)

Second cut of the run:
60 % ABV (20°C)

Ingoing cask

The bourbon casks of 130 litres (quarter casks) are remade from bourbon barrels by Speyside Cooperage. The 40 litres casks are made by Thorslundkagge.
The bourbon casks has until october 2014 been stored in a dump warehouse, losing
some of its alcohol strength. From october 2014 to august 2016 the casks was stored in a drier climate at Box warehouse number three.
The casks were emtied the 4th of november 2016 and the alcohol strength was fixed to 50.8 % when bottling.
Box American Oak was bottled the 7th to 8th of Novemver in a volume of 3 941 bottles and 184 bottles as a non official edition meant for fairs and tastings. We recommend allowing Box American Oak to breathe in the glass for a while before enjoying. Feel free to add a couple of drops of water to release the aromas in the whisky.


Alcohol level: : 54.8 % ABV
Age: 5.17 years
Phenol level: 45 PPM.
Casks: 1ST FILL BOURBON + Virgin American Oak
Number of Bottles: 3 941 + 184 non official
Bottle Volume: 500 ml
Price: 849 SEK