A journey of discovery


On your own, with a group of friends or enthusiasts or even as a present for a whisky-loving friend – owning a 39.25 Ankare Cask is being part of the Box Whisky family. Your experience begins with the creation of your own unique whisky, exactly the way you want it, according to your personal taste and with your own personal label. You personally select your preferred Ankare cask, decide on the smoke quality of the distillate and then allow for the whisky to age and mature with the seasons in our warehouse on the banks of the Ångerman River. Throughout the entire Ankare journey, cask samples will allow you to follow your whisky’s development, from newly distilled to fully matured excellence. The shortest amount of time you can allow your own unique Box Single Malt Whisky to age, before bottling, is three years, time that will pass quickly since it will be filled with exciting experiences together with us at the Box Distillery. Welcome to the family.