Cask types



 The cask most commonly used for the maturation of malt whisky in Europe is the bourbon cask made from American Virgin Oak. At Box, we import 200 litre casks and then rebuild them to create our classic Box Ankare 39,25 litre casks. Our bourbon casks are ‘first-fill’ – which means they are being used to mature malt whisky for the first time. In terms of taste and aroma, bourbon casks lend a distinct vanilla and coconut character with tones of melted sugar and caramel.




Maturing whisky in Spanish sherry casks has a tradition stretching back to the mid 1800’s. Today, sherry production is considerably smaller, making genuine sherry casks more expensive and in great demand. The type of sherry matured in the casks we use is Oloroso – this is a deep, dark coloured sherry with hints of chocolate, nuts and a mild roasted quality. Our 39,25 litre sherry casks are constructed from 500 litre casks in Spain and delivered to us with a few litre of Oloroso inside. This is poured out immediately before they are filled with Box distillate. These casks give the whisky a beautiful golden colour and a soft, full character with sweet tones and hints of dried fruit such as raisins or figs.