The Box Distillery lies beside the Ångerman River in Ådalen around 100km north of Sundsvall in northern Sweden. A long time ago, this area was the heart of Norrland’s forestry industry and sawmills and other timber related businesses lined the banks of the river. One of these was Box AB, a business that produced wooden boxes for export to England.


Box ångmaskin_mindre

In 1890 the Box factory, warehouse and workers accommodation burnt to the ground. In 1912 a wood-fired power station was built at the site. On the river very close to Box, as the place was now known, what was at the time the world’s largest timber floating station was located. The purpose of the power station was to supply electricity to this enterprise. The power station was in operation until 1924 after which it was used as a storage unit until the early 1980’s when timber floating operations ceased.


After this, the building was allowed to fall into ruin. In 1991 the artist Mats de Vahl took over the old power station, renovated and transformed the premises into a gallery. It was during a visit to Scotland many years later that Mats and his brother Per were inspired to start their own distillery. The idea was born and after several years of careful preparation, the first vats were filled the day before Christmas Eve 2010 – and the rest, as they say, is history.