Quercus III Petraea

Quercus is a range from High Coast /Former Box Distillery/ where we try to explore the tastes that different species of oak gives to the whisky. The third edition is named Petraea after the Sessile Oak, Quercus petraea in Latin. Quercus petraea is common all over Europe mainly in the eastern parts and it is widely used in the wine industry, and it meant to be the premiere choice for maturing white wines. Quercus petraea has higher density and tighter rings of growth which results in lower evaporation and less lactones.


100 % unpeated whisky that first has been matured in 200-litres bourbon cask for 4,7 years and in and then finished for ten months years in 40- and 40 litres casks (Anchors) of virgin Hungarian Quercus petraea, coopered in Hungary.


Average Fermenting Time: 80 hours in stainless steel washbacks.


Distilled between 15th of March 2013 and 29th of April 2013.

First cut of the run: 13 minutes head (forshots).

Second cut of the run: 67 % ABV (20°C).

Ingoing casks

The bourbon casks of 200 litres (1st fill barrels) were delivered from Kentucky US. The casks of Quercus petraea, 40 litres Anchors, is coopered in Hungary. The bourbon casks have until October 2014 been stored in a dump warehouse, losing some of its alcohol strength. From October 2014 to November 2018 the casks were stored in a drier climate at Box warehouse number two.

The bourbon casks were emptied and the whisky was then filled into 100 Anchors (40 litres) The casks were emptied into a vatting tank January 19th­ – 20th of November and the alcohol strength was fixed to 50.8 % when bottling.



Quercus III Petraea was bottled the 23th Nov to 26th Nov in a volume of 7 781 bottles.

We recommend allowing Quercus III Petraea to breathe in the glass for a while before enjoying.

Feel free to add a couple of drops of water to release the aromas in the whisky.

Quercus III Petraea is neither chill-filtered nor colored.



Yeast: Fermentis Safwhisky M-1.

Malt: Pilsnermalt from Vikingmalt in Halmstad Sweden.

Ingoing Barley types: Tipple, Barke, Rosalina and Quench

Process water: From the Bålsjön Lake, filtered through sand and carbon filters.


Cooling Water: From the Ångerman River.

Ingoing batches: 436B ­– 464A

Batch Size: 1,2-ton malt





Alcohol level: 50,8 % ABV
Age: 5.56 years

Phenol level: 0 PPM.
Casks: 1st fill bourbon + Virgin Quercus petraea
Number of Bottles: 7 781
Bottle Volume: 500 ml
Price: 799 SEK





taste Notes


Vanilla, clove, lemon peel, ripe pear and oak.


Vanilla and spicy oak, fruit salad, lots of clove.


Long and lingering, clove and oak.