Quotes About Box

Some of the things that have been said about
Box Whisky during the past few years.

“This is where the best whisky in Sweden is made”
The Swedish magazine All About Whisky


“If their first bottlings in a year or two aren´t the talk of the whisky world ­ I´ll eat my hat!”
Ingvar Rönde, Malt Whisky Yearbook


“The world’s most exciting new distillery”
World Whisky Review 


“It’s more than a Swedish Distillery – It’s a World Class Distillery”
Robin Tucek, Blackadder International


“Just tried the new make from BOX distillery in Sweden….. amazing… No brilliant ……
One of the best new make ever….. Watch out for BOX distillery ……”
Martin Marvardsen, Brand Ambassador Highland Park


“Box is arguably the most exciting new distilleri on the planet”
Malt Advocate


“When the whisky finally awakes from it’s slumber, it will be one of the best in the värld….Guaranteed!!”
John McDougall, former manager at Springbank, Laphroaig, Balvenie, Tormore and Ladyburn


“They have every reason to celebrate the spirit they are distilling. It’s sensational”
Malt Advocate


“Wow!! I fell in love!! What should we do to keep this flame alive. I will never forget Box whisky now!”
Martin Dauphinais, Importer Canada


“Most uncompromising whisky operation I’ve stumbled upon. Seriously serious player….. for sure”
Robert Karlsson, Malt Maniacs


“Among the recent distillery start ups, Box has managed to balance careful innovation
with traditional expertise, and the resulting quality is already in evidence.”
Alex Bruce Adelphi, Director Adelphi Distillery Ltd.