Storage and maturation


The most important formal requirement for the spirit we produced to be classed is whisky is that it is matured in barrels of maximum volume 700 litres for at least 3 years. The maturing process is a complicated exchange between the wood of the cask, oxygen in the air and the spirit itself. It is estimated that two thirds of the flavour comes from the barrel, therefore it is vital that care and patience is applied when selecting these.


Many whisky producers are tempted to eliminate fluctuations in temperature and humidity by using existing underground areas for storage. At Box however, we are convinced that these temperature variations caused by the changing seasons and those experienced every day are vital for the whisky’s flavour development. With this in mind we’ve decided that all our whisky will be matured in our own warehouse, above ground right next to the distillery.


The warehouse here at the Box Distillery has one very unique characteristic. It is built right on top of the 63rd parallel – indeed, if you visit us, you will see we have marked this with a line that goes straight through the building. Our location and the seasons we experience here in Norrland create wider temperature variations in our non-temperature controlled warehouse than any other distillery in the world. This is something every distillery craves during the maturing process as it enhances the exchange of flavours between the whisky and the oak vat.