The 2nd Step Collection 01

The first release from The 2nd Step Collection is the smokiest official Box bottling so far. It’s a whisky that combines a pronounced smoky flavour with a delicate sense of fruitiness and a soft cask character. All the whisky included is smoky. With our pilot series, The Early Days Collection, we explored the tastes and characters of really young whisky. Now, we’ve taken another step forward by working with more mature flavours. The 2nd Step Collection is a young whisky as well – the oldest casks used are from October 2011 and no cask is older than four and a half years. With The 2nd Step Collection we intend to take you on a journey through the Box Whisky warehouse. A journey of discovery that will make us reconsider what we know about young whisky and how it can mature and develop when the conditions are just right. You’re more than welcome to join us on this exciting journey.

The recipe for The 2nd Step Collection 01

98% of the whisky used comes from 130 litre bourbon casks.

The remaining 2% comes from 100 litre casks of hard-roasted American oak that add a spicy taste note to the mix.

100% of the whisky used is smoky.

The 2nd Step Collection 01 has been neither chill-filtered nor coloured.


Yeast: Fermentis Safwhisky M-1

Peated malt: Pilsnermalt from Castle Maltings in Belgium.
Smoked to a phenol level of 40, 43 and 45 ppm using Scottish peat.
Ingoing barley varieties: Henley, Sebastian

Process water: From the Bålsjön lake, filtered through sand and coal filters.

Cooling water: From the Ångerman River.

Batches: 124B, 146A-164A, 189B-194A

Batch size: 1.2 tonnes of malt

Average yeasting time: 80 hours in stainless steel washbacks.

Distilled between the 10th of October 2011 and the 16th of January 2012.

First cut:

Unpeated recipe: 13 minutes (pre-distilled)
Peated recipe: 30 minutes (pre-distilled)

Second cut:

Unpeated recipe: 67% ABV (20°C)
Peated recipe: 60% ABV (20°C)


Casks used

The bourbon casks are produced by The Speyside Cooperage in Quarter cask sizes of about 140 litres using 200 litre newly emptied bourbon barrels.

The hard roasted American oak casks are produced by The Kelvin Cooperage.

The casks have been stored in a damp warehouse up until October 2014, reducing the alcohol levels. Between October 2014 and November 2016 the casks were stored in a drier environment in Box warehouse No. 3.

On the 14th and the 17th of March 2016, 3 147 kilos of whisky with an average alcohol level of 59.18% was emptied into a mixing tank.

Alcohol level was adjusted to the predetermined level of 51,1% during bottling.

The 2nd Step Collection 01 was bottled between the 21st and the 23rd of March 2016, producing a batch of 7 880 bottles. 7 002 bottles were released through Systembolaget (Swedish state alcohol distribution network) stores on the 22nd of December 2016. The remaining bottles were reserved for trade fairs, tastings and selected foreign markets.

We recommend letting The 2nd Step Collection 01 breathe for a short time in the glass before drinking. Feel free to add a few drops of water in order to enhance and bring the whisky’s aroma to life.

Product Description

Alcohol content: 51,1 % ABV
Age: 4.16 years (average 4.32 years)
Phenol content: 40, 43 och 45 ppm. Average 42,5 ppm (malt)
Casks: 1st fill bourbon (98%), Virgin American Oak (2%).
Number of bottles: 7 880
Bottle volume: 50 cl
Price: 748 SEK (Swedish kroner)