The Archipelago – Baltic Sea 2015

After the success of the festival bottling of 2014, we felt there was a chance to do something similar for the Viking Line Whisky Fair 2015. Of course it had to be a limited edition this time as well, something only available on board the Cinderella – and obviously the result had to be something unique and of high quality. From these beginnings The Archipelago was born, in the same style as The Festival 2014, but based on an unpeated distillate.

Like all Box bottlings, The Archipelago has been neither chill filtered nor coloured.


Yeast: Fermentis Safwhisky M-1.
Malt: Unpeated pilsner malt from Viking Malt in Halmstad, barley mix of Tipple/Quench/Publican.
Process water: From the Bålsjön Lake, filtered through sand and carbon filters.
Cooling water: From the Ångerman River, winter temperatures.
Batch size: 1,200 kg malt / 6,300 litres of wort.

Batches: 173–178

Average yeasting time: 73 hours 15 min in stainless steel washbacks.
Distilled: Between the 25th of November and the 5th of December 2011. 12 distillations included.
Cooling water: From the Ångerman River, 4°C.
Average low wine distillation: 5 hours 33 minutes.
First cut: 13 minutes (foreshots).
Second cut: 67% ABV (20°C).
Alcohol level of the heart: 71% ABV.


All casks were submitted to aroma controls before filling. No divergent aromas were found apart from the expected vanilla and butterscotch.

On the 5th of December 2011, four 96-litre casks from heavily toasted, new American Oak were filled with 63.5% ABV unpeated spirits. The casks were stored in a damp warehouse and the alcohol level dropped by about 2% in all casks.

On the 7th of January 2015 the whisky was blended and the alcohol strength reduced to 54.8% ABV using water, before bottling.

A total of 700 bottles of The Archipelago were produced.



Alcohol level: 54.8% ABV
Age: 3 years 33 days
Casks: 96-litre, heavily toasted, new American Oak from Kelvin Cooperage, air-dried for 24 months.
Included casks: 2011-524, -525, -526, -527
Number of bottles: 700
Bottle volume: 50 cl
Price: SEK 899