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Information om In Flames-buteljering

Box In Flames Selection


Released at Systembolaget


October 3rd at 10.00


Price 1 295 kr



Box In Flames


In Flames lead singer Anders Fridén is a big name in the worlds of rock n roll and whisky. Anders’ passion for whisky is well known, as his is knowledge of the subject. He is also a long-time friend of Box just as we are fans of In Flames music. With this in mind, it seemed natural to collaborate, so we asked Anders to select his own cask that we could fill with our In Flames Selection.


On the 25th of August we locked Anders in our warehouse and tasked him with finding a barrel he considered to be a little more ‘rock n roll’ than others. It proved to be a hard days work, but finally he chose a 200-litre bourbon cask that had previously contained Jack Daniels. The whisky we chose to fill it has its origins in both smoked and unsmoked malt and has a total smokiness level of 15-ppm phenol. The barrel was filled on the 22 June 2011 using spirit with an alcohol content of 65.2%. Bottling took place in September 2016 using spirit with an alcohol content of 60.8%. The whisky was five years and three months old when bottled.


Here at Box, we’re very pleased that Anders and In Flames collaborated with us on this project. We sincerely hope that it will be the first of many whisky adventures we take together.


On his day in the warehouse, Anders said the following –


“I think I went to heaven for a while! That’s how I felt when I got the opportunity to spend a day in warehouse 3 at BOX Distillery, trying to find the right cask for this bottling. I think I found something very good – something that embodies the real spirit of the High Coast Distillery. What you have in your hand is a bourbon-matured whisky with just a subtle hint of smoke and tones of vanilla, toffee, grape, coconut, pear and a touch of fennel. Share this with your friends and why not listen to some fine tunes while you do so – the latest IN FLAMES album maybe?”


Box In Flames Selection can be ordered from the Systembolaget from 1000 am on the 3rd October 2016. It has article number 86420-02 and costs 1 295 kr per bottle.